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Somewhere Between the Firmaments

I've been painting and creating all of my life, and began my professional journey in 2017.

I’m André Rize, an abstract contemporary artist that was born in Toledo, and raised in Los Angeles.

On March 20th 2021, I lost my little sister Anna Razika Rice to a car accident in Toledo.  She and I would speak frequently about our dreams and aspirations, and before we’d even start our conversations, she would ask me if she could have the painting I would sit in front of as we would Facetime.  In retrospect, she never got to see any of my work in person.  I’d paint for an eternity to bring her back, and that’s what initially inspired the Home Coming project.

The Home Coming Project is about coming together and refining Toledo.  I feel like people should share their skills for the better of others.  Helping isn’t always monetary; our time is just as precious and valuable.

For the project, I have composed 13 original pieces that will be put up for auction on beginning Oct 28th and ending Nov 28th. 

All of the pieces were be composed in Toledo, with materials sourced in Toledo, and created with the Spirit of Toledo in mind.

I have chosen several charities and local organizations to donate the proceeds of the auction to and the distribution of funds is as follows:

85% to local programs and organizations

5% to those who put in sweat equity

10% to cover project costs

If you have any questions about a piece, feel free to contact me through the VERSEBOOKS platform, and I’ll reply.

Keep in mind it was just me, creating, organizing, funding, event planning, writing emails, and saving the world with brushstrokes.  Please be patient if I don’t reply right away, remember I’m an artist…

I’m excited for you to participate in making history, and for us ALL to provide a better tomorrow for Toledo.